Did you know?

Atopic dermatitis generally resolves spontaneously during childhood. Thus, by the age of 7, out of 10 children presenting with atopic dermatitis from the age of 2 years; :

  • 6 are cured
  • 2 display occasional symptoms
  • 2 display persistent symptoms


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Good habits


  • Prefer showers or short baths
  • Use a syndet or soap-free gel
  • Allow your skin to air dry, or pat it gently with a towel
  • Apply a moisturizer immediately after the shower in order to trap the water in the skin

In general:

  • Keep nails trimmed short in the event of scratching
  • Wear non-irritant cotton clothes
  • Stay away from any factors that could trigger a crisis
  • Washing with excessively hot water
  • Wool and synthetic fibres
  • Soaps, detergents
  • Aggressive scents and cosmetics
  • Dust, pollen, mites and moulds
  • Particles aggressive to skin such as sand
  • Animals (hairs, feathers)
  • Dietary allergens in the event of detected allergy
  • Excessive heat (sweating)